About Us


About My Virtual Me

My Virtual Me empowers you to get your life back by supporting YOU when YOU need it.  Our team specialises in transcription but we also provide proofreading and copy typing services.

We partner with you and become an indispensable addition to your business.  We support you and your business by alleviating the stress of overwhelming admin – you can relax and know that your business is still making a profit.

About Alice Barnes

When I was little I often played ‘office’ which involved creating my own work, typing, answering phone calls and filing my imaginary paperwork.  It was a very simple game that I’m sure didn’t last for long, but I loved thinking that I was doing a great job for my boss.

After becoming a full time stay at home mum in 2009, I knew that I’d have some difficulty returning to the workforce when my daughter started school.  In 2011 I decided to take a chance and start my own business – My Virtual Me was born!

So what keeps me doing what I’m doing:

  • Lovely clients for starters,
  • Independence of being my own boss,
  • Great feedback I receive for a job well done,
  • Receiving referrals from my clients – the ultimate ‘thank you’,
  • The amazing feeling that I established my own business when I was just 24,
  • New opportunities to be seized each and every day.

I’m a bubbly person with a highly infectious positive attitude for my friends, family and my clients.  I’m very ambitious and constantly reassess my personal and professional goals, dedicating myself to achieving success; a never say die attitude!

About Our Values

We pride ourselves on maintaining strong professional principles.  We acknowledge and assume responsibility for services we provide and decisions we make for our clients.  We respect our client’s needs, privacy and professional image.  We remain professional in all communication, and treat all clients and colleagues with the same manner.  We aim to provide reliable, accurate and efficient services so our clients get the best value.